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Paraeducator Benefits:

  • Establish Collegial Discussion Habits
  • Practice Skills Related To Their Duties
  • Experience Structured Staff Development
  • Document Professional Improvement
  • Community of Learner Participation

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This facilitator guide provides organized, pre-planned activities oriented to the professional development needs of beginning and veteran paraeducators. It promotes collegial discussion, classroom embedded practice, reflection and growth culminating in a portfolio of accumulated growth experiences.

The leadership format features information at the beginning of each section referring to the intent, goals, objectives and study ideas related to the collection of practical paraeducator topics contained in the Color Me Successful book.

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explore productive uses of the 'Color Me Successful' Training Package:

Principals and Staff Development Leaders

  • The ‘Color Me Successful’ facilitator manual and materials are oriented to those school districts that desire an ongoing approach to paraeducator growth with documentation of the process in portfolio form. This staff development tool is primarily designed to offer activities that lend themselves to regular collegial meetings and discussion groups.

  • Some have used the structured process to offer their support staff regular stimulation for discussion, classroom practice and wiki board questions and answers to address the topic being addressed.

  • Chapter introductions have goals, objectives and ideas for various ways to stimulate discussions around the practical topics in the chapter. Each month paraeducators, principals or teachers can select a chapter upon which to focus.


  • Teachers could use the process to mentor their paraeducators and oversee the classroom embedded practice, as well as direct discussions about the experience and ways to improve their performance.


  • Paraeducators can use the portfolio documentation to discuss experiences with their principal. They will be able to discuss the topic chosen, its application to their assignment, what they did to practice the concepts and skills discussed, results they achieved and how they would improve their effectiveness the next time they use the skills learned.

  • The facilitator manual is structured so that ‘paras’ could lead ‘paras’ through the process and achieve positive results.

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