It's The Little Things That Count For Beginning Teachers  how to use this tool icon2

A Mentor/Facilitator Guide to:

  • Provide a practical growth process for new and aspiring teachers
  • Promote a user-friendly structured format for reflection
  • Encourage facilitated collegial discussion
  • Develop a documented portfolio of experiences
  • Focus on professional habits that lead to student success

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"It's The 'Little Things' That Count" is a tool for the local professional development of beginning teachers. New teachers are like young trees; their growth will depend on proper nurturing and pruning. This structured resource provides the beginning teacher with a classroom embedded process for self-pruning opportunities.

Facilitators, mentors, principals and others responsible for supporting beginning teachers in their districts have few precious moments in the day to plan for the structured growth of young staff.

This unique and simplified format, with stimulating and practical topics, provides an organized approach to the growth of new teachers and a documented record of their progress.

Based upon collegial interaction, beginning teachers will become the CEO of their early teaching career progress. Documented activities taking them from KEY WORDS to CONCEPTS to ACTIONS to REFLECTIONS will manage the GROWTH and PORTFOLIO accumulation of their experiences.

Four basic meetings, approximately one hour in length, are pre-planned and include handouts to learn the process. Once the process has been experienced, any topic of local interest can be used for subsequent application.

how to use this tool small Why are we offering this beginning teacher support tool?

Everyone in the education community is well aware that there is a significant issue with retaining the best and the brightest new teachers. Structured local support is a challenging issue in any effort to assist with the continued advancement of young teachers and their skills.

We concur with many others that structured classroom-embedded staff development, facilitated via reflection and collegial discussion, offers great hope for progress. Additionally, the topics included in this resource, often absent from pre-service training, provide a basis of action and experience. Virtually, all of the vignettes offered focus, specifically, on actions important to the success of students and staff.

In an effort to provide meaningful resources to the 'learning community' approach, we have created a tool to assist local leadership with their time and resource challenges. This, relatively inexpensive, resource is designed to relieve mentors/principals of burdensome planning time for appropriate and practical experiences addressing beginning teacher needs.

Beginning Teachers Will:
  • Enhance their formal professional credentials
  • Emphasize student success in all that they do
  • Employ classroom based experiences for reflection
  • Create a tool for communication of their growth
  • Gain confidence in their teaching successes

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