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The contents of this 36-page resource are oriented to the positive, proactive, teacher leadership skills necessary to direct and support quality paraeducator practices that promote student successes.

Principals have been asking for a resource for their teachers who have had little or no training to help them direct the everyday efforts of paraeducators. In most cases, pre-service programs have left this area to on-the-job training!


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My Para / My Partner is intended to assist teachers in relating their expectations for performance to their paraeducators in positive ways.
how to use this tool small The following ideas and suggestions are offered to help you explore productive uses of My Para / My Partner Booklet in your district or your building.

Principals and Staff Development Leaders

  • Select articles for discussion to use for meetings with teachers who are working paraeducators.

  • Use an article, such as Model Your Teaming Attitude, to write a personal note to a teacher/para team that is working well together. What a powerful way to say, “Great Job!”

  • Give a copy of ‘My Para/My Partner Booklet’ to every new teacher. What a helpful resource to support your leadership expectations for a positive teaming effort.
  • Use the contents of ‘My Para/My Partner Booklet’ as foundation information for substitute teacher and paraeducator orientation at the start of the school year.


  • Use the ‘MY Para/My Partner Booklet' information to formulate the basis of your expectations for your paraeducator at the start of the year.

  • Use ‘My Para/My Partner Booklet'as a reference guide for formulating your thoughts in a positive way when a need to address performance issues with your paraeducator arises.

  • Use the contents of ‘My Para/My Partner Booklet’ as a basis for helping your paraeducator form some self-reflective tools for their personal and professional growth.

  • Use the ‘My Para/My Partner Booklet’ contents to formulate your interactions and questions as you prepare to participate in paraeducator interviews.


  • Use selected articles to promote collegial discussions about formulating self-reflective tools for
    your paraeducator growth.
  • Read the contents of ‘My Para/My Partner Booklet’ to gain insights into your teacher/partner and supervisor’s expectations.   

Interactive Virtual Sample of My Para / My Partner Booklet
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